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Modified on October 10, 2021

  1. Login to your portal on
  2. Click on Cloud PBX in the top menu
  3. From the numbers listed on the web page click the number you want to work on
  4. Click on the Device provisioning from the left menu
  5. Click Add Device on the right top
  6. Under Device select Yealink Generic (Yealink)
  7. Look on the back of the yealink phone for the MAC address (Some start with 0015 or 805E), enter this into the Mac Address Line
  8. Enter a Description
  9. Select the number to use on the phone and a label for the phone.
  10. In the Transport we suggest you leave it on TLS
  11. Click on Save
  12. This will take you back to the Device Provisioning page and you should see your device in there.
  13. Login to the yealink device (username: admin password: admin
    To find the IP address of your yealink phone hit the OK button on the phone and your will see a IPv4 number
  14. Click on settings, then Auto Provision.  In the Server URL enter