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Get started with plans as low as $19.95 ex GST per month, which includes your own business  number.

Explore the seamless connection between Kiwi VoIP and Starlink, the advanced satellite internet service from Elon Musk’s SpaceX. For Kiwi VoIP clients opting for Starlink, compatibility with their business phone services is guaranteed, offering a robust communication backbone for businesses.

Distinct from conventional satellite internet options, which utilize geostationary satellites positioned over 22,000 miles from Earth, Starlink employs a pioneering strategy by placing its satellites in low-Earth orbit, around 300 miles up. This closer proximity enables significantly enhanced speed and reliability.

Ookla, the esteemed internet speed test authority, reported Starlink’s average download speed in the United States to be an impressive 87.25 Mbps, with upload speeds reaching 13.54 Mbps in the third quarter of 2021.

Kiwi VoIP’s business phone solutions require just 0.417 Mbps of bandwidth for optimal performance, according to our testing. Therefore, businesses selecting Starlink as their ISP can anticipate seamless operation with Kiwi VoIP, eliminating common connectivity concerns.

The advent of Starlink introduces a pivotal development in expanding the reach and efficiency of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. This is particularly beneficial for businesses in remote locations, offering them access to affordable and feature-rich VoIP solutions previously beyond their reach.



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Starlink Business Line Plans: Elevate Your Communication

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Starlink Business Essentials


month ex GST

Essential Connectivity for Streamlined Operations

  • Up to 2 x Local NZ Number
  • 3CX App for mobile for 4 users
  • 5 lines
  • 1000 Local mins per month
  • No contracts
  • Free Setup
  • $20 to port your number across

Starlink Business Infinity


month ex GST

Unparalleled Connectivity for Unlimited Business Potential

  • 10 x NZ Local Number (can be local or tollfree)
  • 3CX App for mobile for 5 users
  • 35 lines
  • 5000 Local mins per month
  • 1000 National Landline
  • 500 Mobile Mins
  • No contracts
  • Free Setup
  • $20 to port your number across

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