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WebRTC, otherwise known as Web Real-Time Communications is an open-source project – promoted by Google, Mozilla and others – enables plugin-free Real Time Communications via Javascript API’s. It facilitates browser to browser applications for voice calling, video chat and file sharing. The supported codec for WebRTC is currently VP8. WebRTC uses a server called Web Conferencing Server that in conjunction with a STUN Server  it is required to provide the initial page and synchronise the connections between two WebRTC endpoints.

“WebRTC is the ability to communicate live with somebody or something as if you were right there next to them. WebRTC fills a critical gap in the web platform as you can communicate in real-time just by loading a web page,” said Justin Uberti, Tech Lead on WebRTC, Google. “WebRTC is a new front in the long war for an open and unencumbered web”, said Brendan Eich, Mozilla CTO.

WebRTC is rapidly gaining ground and set to revolutionise the communication standards.