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Modified on October 10, 2021

3CX Configuration
This guide takes Cloud PBX as an example.
  • Make sure the computer can connect to the Internet.
  • Open web browser and input 3CX administrator address:
  • to Enter username ( Default: admin )and password ( Default: password ) to log in the administrator page.
  • Click “Extensions” on the left→ “Add”. Set extension and password in a general setting.

  • Input the required information of Extension, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Mobile Number, Outbound Caller ID, Authentication (ID and Password), etc. Then click the “Save” button.

  • Extension (Required field): The number of extensions. (Example: 600)
  • First Name: The first name of extension user.
  • Last Name: The last name of extension user.
  • Email Address: The email address of user, which can be used for retrieving password, receiving voice message, event notification, etc.
  • Mobile Number: The mobile number of user, which can be used for call transfer, event notification, etc.
  • ID (Required field): The ID of phone, recommend to set it as the same with extension number. (Example: 600)
  • Password (Required field): The password of phone. (Example: 12345678)

1.2 Phone Configuration

This guide takes FIP11C as an example.

  1. Connect the phone to intranet and plug in power cord, then the phone will be started. It will obtain IP address from DHCP server automatically during startup. You can find the IP address information by pressing the “OK” button on phone.  The IP address of the phone in this example: The IP address of 3CX PBX:
  2. Open the browser on the computer and input the IP address of the phone:
  3. Enter username(Default: admin)and password(Default: admin)to log in the administrator page.
  4.  Click“VOIP”—“Line 1”,then set up the phone with registered info as follows:


Account will be a random number from 3CX

  • Line Enable(Required field): Select EnableProxy Server (Required field): Input the IP address of 3CX PBX. (Example:
  • Proxy Port (Required field): Input the registration port of 3CX PBX. (Default: 5060)
  • Display Name: Set the label displayed on the phone display, such as extension number,
    name, etc.
  • Phone Number (Required field): Input the extension number that needs to be registered.
    (Example: 600)
  • Account (Required field): This is the 3CX ID under the phone provisioning tab.
  • Password (Required field): Input the password of this extension, you can find the password
    on this extension page of 3CX PBX.

5. Click “Save & Apply”, the phone will be registered to 3CX PBX. You can find the registration status on the status page of 3CX PBX.