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Modified on October 10, 2021

Kiwi VoIP Call parking allows a person to put a call on hold at one phone and then retrieve the call from another phone.

You can use the feature to transfer a call from a noisy to private location, or from reception to a warehouse.


  • Park up to 100 calls simultaneously
  • Pick up calls from any phones in your calling group
  • Configurable parking timeouts
  • Included on all Kiwi VoIP Cloud PBX lines


  • Log into Kiwi VoIP Portal and select the Call Parking feature under the Advanced Menu
  • Tick ‘Enable call parking’ and configure the parking settings as required
  • Call parking and retrieval can only be used by phones that are on the same account AND in the same group. You can configure groups in the Lines Manager page
  • If you enable call parking on an extension then call parking will become automatically available to all other phones in that group without having to enable the feature on every line.


To park a call transfer the call to star code: *07
(To park a call to a specific parking extension you can also dial *07xx. e.g. *0705 will park the call on slot 705)

  • The user will next hear a parking extension read back to them (e.g. 700)
  • The caller will be put on hold and hear music on hold until the call is retrieved
  • If the parking times out because nobody has retrieved the call then the parked call will be returned to the person who originally parked the call – or it can also be forwarded to another number if preferred


To retrieve a parked call from an extension dial: *1xxx – where xxx is the extension you wish to retrieve
(For example to retrieve a call from extensions 705 you would dial *1705. You may also dial *17 and enter the extension after the prompt)