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Modified on March 8, 2022

Your Kiwi VoIP Mobile comes with it’s own voicemail service.  You will need to set the service up with your personal details before you start using it.

Setting up for the first time

Access your Voicemail by dialling 083210 or from overseas +64 83 83210

Follow the voice prompts to set up your mailbox.

Set a PIN

Record your name

Record a personal greeting for callers to hear

PIN numbers must be between four and ten digits & cannot:

  • start with 0
  • be sequential or repeated numbers
  • be your Mobile Number

You can change your PIN, mailbox name or greeting at any time by selecting the Personal Options menu.

Checking your messages

You can check your messages from anywhere, any phone, anytime!

From your Mobile

  1. Access your Voicemail
  2. If prompted enter your PIN
  3. Your message/s will play automatically, you can use any of the prompts at any time during the message playing

From another Mobile, Landline or Fibre Landline

  1. Dial your mobile number
  2. Wait until you hear your greeting
  3. Press *
  4. Enter your PIN
  5. Press #
  6. Your message/s will play automatically

From Overseas

Call charges will apply.

  1. Dial the International Access code for the country you are calling from
  2. Dial +64 83 083210 and wait for the message
  3. Enter your mailbox number (your phone number without the 0 for the area code e.g. 27 1234567)
  4. Press #
  5. Enter PIN
  6. Press #
  7. Your message/s will play automatically

Listen to Deleted messages

Deleted messages can be listened to again then restored, or permanently deleted. To do this:’

  1. Access your Voicemail
  2. Press 4 – Get Deleted Messages
  3. Listen to each message
  4. Follow the voice prompts

Message capacity

Your mailbox can hold up to 237MB, which is around 1000 messages. Each message can be up to five minutes long. Once your mailbox is full, callers won’t be able to leave any more messages. It’s a good idea to clear them regularly, including your deleted messages.

New, saved and deleted messages are automatically deleted permanently after one year. This timer will reset if you move a message between the saved and deleted folders.