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Modified on May 4, 2023

Connect your FRITZ!Box to power, and an Ethernet LAN cable to one of the x4 Ethernet
Ports on the back.

Whichever port you set the Fibre connection up on will become the WAN port from which the
other end of the cable needs to be connected to the livened port on your UFB Connection.

Chorus and other Fibre Companies will generally liven up Port 1 (LAN 1) on the ONT
(Optical Network Terminal)

Connect your FRITZ!Box via its URL –

Once you’ve logged in, click on Internet on the left-hand side then Account Information

Then ‘Internet Connection’

Under ‘Internet Service Provider’
Select ‘Other Internet service provider’

Under name enter Kiwi VoIP











Under ‘Connect via’
Select ‘External Modem or Router

Under ‘Operating Mode’
Select ‘Make own connection to the Internet

Under ‘Account Information’
Is account information required?’
Select yes
Enter the Username and Password for the connection from your Kiwi VoIP account.










Under ‘Connection Information’
Select ‘Use VLAN for Internet access
Set VLAN-ID as 10









Save the settings by clicking ‘Apply’ and Fritz!Box should display the following message:
‘The procedure was concluded successfully. The Internet Connection will be checked soon.’

This will be followed by:
The Internet Connection check was successful