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Modified on October 10, 2021

We are getting lots of calls for how to setup the HG659 with our VoIP services.  Luckily this is easy.

  1. Click ‘Telephony’ from the Menu at the top of the page and click on the VoIP from the left menu
    Enter the following information
    Provider name = Kiwi VoIP
    Primary registrar =
    Primary Proxy =
    Sip Domain =
    Port = 5060
    Local Port = 5060
    User outbound = Tick
    Outbound Servers =
    Port = 5060
    User Secondary Server = no tick
  2. Next click below on Voip Number and enter your details. For example enter sip number and user name as 093778647 (your number) and then for the password use your account password. Save this. Next associate the number with the line.
    TIP from Paul: Your number in our portal will look like 64XXXXXXX, but you enter your number as 0XXXXXXXX (remove the 64 and add a 0) (thanks Paul for the tip to add this)
  3. Now the important thing most people forget is to tell the modem to use VoIP.  This is under Internet and you need to edit the connect type and make sure voice is ticked

Click save and you should be up and running.