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Modified on April 8, 2024

What to do when you experience Call Routing Issues

Sometimes routing faults can occur on the Voice Network which can affect Inbound and
Outbound calls.

These faults will normally manifest in the following ways:

  1. When someone tries to call you or you try to call them an automated message such
    as the below example may play:
    “Hello, this is Spark. The service you are trying to contact is not available.”
  2. Calls from some networks work perfectly fine, while others are not able to get through
    e.g. calls from landlines work, but calls from mobiles fail.
    It can be some mobile networks or all of them.
  3. When you try to call someone, the call instantly fails, even though you can call them
    from another line and the call connects.

In the event that you’re experiencing a fault similar to this, please email with a brief description of the problem you’re experiencing and
between three and five examples using the below template for each example:

A Party:
B Party:
Time and Date:

A Party = Caller
B Party = Callee

This will help us to get a fault lodged with our carrier quickly to ensure your service is
restored promptly.